TheSavAll™ Refrigerant Charge Protection Systemfor centrifugal chillers prevents catastrophic refrigerant loss due to chiller over-pressurization. The SavAll System provides fully automatic transfer of liquid refrigerant to the evaporator of a centrifugal chiller to a safe storage vessel for temporary containment in the event of an evaporator over-pressurization condition. Once the over-pressurization conditions subsides, or is restored to normal, the liquid refrigerant automatically returns to the evaporator. As a secondary function, the SavAll System serves as a permanent on-line refrigerant storage vessel for use during chiller servicing or repair.

Combining the SavAll System with the Redi-Purge™ ARI Certified High Efficiency Purge Unit and Rupture Seal™ Backup Safety Relief Valve provides a chiller owner efficient and effective refrigerant emission reduction and containment.

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Publication date: 01/08/2001