SAN ANTONIO — Mold discovered in an early childhood center here has resulted in the school being shut down and its students moved to a nearby elementary school.

According to a report issued by Assured Indoor Air Quality (Dallas), there were flaws in the structure's design and construction that made it a prime environment for mold growth. Bill Holden, vice president of the firm, noted that most of the mold was inside the walls, which limited direct exposure for students and staff.

The mold found included Stachybotrys, the “black mold” that has been linked to various health concerns.

Holden said that the mold contamination would have to be cleaned, the damaged areas replaced, the building dried out, and the design problems fixed. He estimated that this would take about six months to complete.

The elementary school that the students are moving into has one wing closed due to mold. However, school officials said that the rest of the building is safe. Those students and staff with existing health problems are being transferred to a new elementary school.

Publication date: 05/05/2003