SPOKANE, WA — The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association’s (SMACNA’s) Architectural Sheet Metal Council has highlighted nine unique building projects for its recent newsletter. The building projects are from various states across the country and include office buildings, a railway station, and a hotel.

In Cheney, WA, SMACNA has chosen to highlight a project at Eastern Washington University. Architect Martin Sweet of Integrus Architecture and sheet metal contractor Carlson Sheet Metal, both of Spokane, worked on the university’s Monroe Hall.

The team’s job was to renovate the hall, but still keep the 20th century look of the building. According to SMACNA, Carlson Sheet Metal fabricated and installed replicated cornices over a new metal stud and plywood substructure.

The sheet metal contractor wanted to match the original cornices on the building. To do this, Carlson fabricated the pieces from .032-in. aluminum sheet metal with factory-applied, customized Kynar paint finish.

Not only did Carlson design the cornices, but also the nonpenetrating snow guards and rain diverters over the doors.