ATLANTA, GA – Erico says its new Pipe Pier is specifically designed for easy support of equipment, steel pipe, copper pipe, and electrical conduit to roof or floor surfaces.

Erico introduced its new product at the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigerating (AHR) Expo on Monday.

According to the company, Pipe Pier is designed to reduce installation time by eliminating on-site cutting, drilling, and measuring of commonly used wood blocks while protecting the rooftop membrane from damage. Erico said Pipe Pier standardizes the installation of air conditioning units, refrigeration units, and other rooftop equipment and provides numerous mounting positions and clamping options.

The standard Pipe Pier consists of a block (footprint is 10.5-in. by 4-in.) of UV-rated, closed-cell Ethafoam polyethylene foam. According to the company, the foam absorbs vibrations and shock and the cushioning surface accommodates expansion and contracting of piping. A 10.5-in. piece of EristrutÔ strut is bonded into the block of foam, allowing Pipe Pier to be used with standard strut clamps and accessories. The product comes in a lightweight bundle of ten (weighing 10 pounds). The 10-pack unit is easily carried to the roof, said the company.