ATLANTA, GA – At the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigerating Expo on Monday, Honeywell introduced a communications tool designed to give contractors and facility staff password-protected Web access to commercial and industrial burner-boiler controls.

According to the company, its new FlameNet Web server is designed to provide Web access to the manufacturer’s microprocessor-based 7800 Series burner controls and the company’s ControlLinks fuel air control system. It described its new product as “the industry’s first affordable linkage-less alternative to traditional mechanical cam and linkage assemblies.”

“For the first time, customers can access burner-boiler controls over the Internet,” said Dennis Mool, general manager of Commercial/Industrial Combustion Controls, Honeywell. “Real-time, 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year Web access to burner-boiler controls can help improve service, efficiency, and uptime.”

According to Mool, if there is a problem, such as a fault or an equipment issue, FlameNet notifies the customer, contractor, or both by e-mail, Web page, cell or standard phone, hand-held devices, fax, or other means. He said the FlameNet Web server lets customers create and customize how they display control data in an “easy-to-use Web page format.”

“Anyone who surfs the Internet can easily use FlameNet,” said Mool.


Honeywell also introduced several other new burner-boiler control products, including:
  • C6097 gas/air pressure switch. These switches are now rated for a minimum ambient temperature of -40°F. According to Honeywell, the C6097 gas/air pressure switches feature a more compact size, lower application cost, and added reliability when compared to traditional gas/air pressure switches.
  • C7927/R7851 ultraviolet flame detector and amplifier. According to the company, these solid-state devices use emerging electronic flame-sensing technology to indicate the presence of flame. They work with the company’s 7800 Series burner control relay modules “to provide flame supervision for gas, oil, or combination gas-oil burner.”
  • CR7890 integrated burner control. Part of the 7800 Series burner control line, the CR7890 control’s “all-in-one” design features burner safety sequencing and flame detection in a compact enclosure.
  • RM7838C semi-automatic industrial programming control. The company said this microprocessor-based integrated burner control is for use with industrial process semi-automatically fired gas, oil, coal, or combustion fuel single-burner applications. It said the system consists of a relay module, wiring bubbase, keyboard display module, amplifier, and purge card.
  • ML7999B ControLinks 4-20 mA direct-coupled actuator. Designed for the company’s ControLinks Fuel Air Ratio System, the company said the ML7999B actuator provides 100 lb-in. torque, 4-20 mA control input of fuel valves in fixed air damper combustion systems.