Tecumseh's Vector compressor.

Danfoss Performer scroll compressors included a 25-ton and a 10-ton unit shown for use with R-410A.
ATLANTA, GA — Quiet was a key concept among compressor manufacturers showing their wares at the Expo.

One of Copeland's screw compressors, part of a rollout that now has eight high-temp units from 50 to 140 mph.
Yes, there were the customary twists and turns in technology, but many manufacturers returned to the theme of as little noise as possible.

Compressors covered all ranges, including several companies with 25-ton scrolls and 100-hp screw compressors.

A noticeable trend was the range of refrigerants now used in compressors. A big gainer in attention this year was R-407C, a long-term alternative to R-22 that operates in somewhat the same range.

Tecumseh (Tecumseh, MI) used a press briefing to discuss a concept called Vector. According to Tecumseh’s Michael DiFlora, “We have the most trusted and proven technology in the industry with the reciprocating compressor. Why don’t we just try to take that technology to another level? Which is what we did.”

Copeland's 25-hp commercial scroll is said to be the largest now available for air conditioning applications.
The result, according to the company, is recip technology in a scroll-type housing. Special mufflers were used to lower sound levels. “With a sound level of 73 dB and an efficiency rating of 11- and 18-plus EER, it does just about anything a scroll will do,” according to company officials. “The beauty is, it’s reciprocating technology.”

Danfoss (Baltimore, MD) noted that its Performer scroll compressors “keep sound and vibration to a minimum.” New to the arsenal is a 25-ton scroll. A floor model was geared for R-407C. It is the company’s largest scroll to date. Also new is a 10-ton scroll shown for use with R-410A.

The company also showed a line of bimetal expansion valves in nonadjustable and adjustable formats for uses with systems of 1 ton up to 80 tons.

Copeland (Sidney, OH) announced the availability of a 25-hp commercial scroll compressor, billed as the “world’s largest” scroll to date for air conditioning.

Aftermarket Specialties, Inc. shows Matsushita compressors.

“This was by far our most aggressive new product launch,” said Copeland ceo Tom Bettcher. The unit is targeted for rooftop units, chillers, and vertical self-contained and custom-engineered systems from 20 to 200 tons, according to Bettcher. It is designed for use with R-22 and R-407C.

The company’s involvement with screw compressor technology resulted in an expansion of its screw compressor family, which now includes eight high-temperature screws from 50 to 140 hp. The previous line ranged up to 90 hp.

“Quiet compressors that give everyone a better night’s sleep” was the theme of Aftermarket Specialties Inc. (Kennesaw, GA) which showed Matsushita compressors, including those for use as drop-in replacements in most hotel package terminal air conditioning (ptac) units.

A number of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors from Bitzer Delta Heat (Flowery Branch, GA) were in an octagon shape that company officials said allows for easier construction, especially in the positioning of the crankshaft. The technology also allows 50% unloading at a nominal 3 tons, the company said.

Bristol TS technology on display.

Semi-hermetics were also featured at the booth of Blissfield (Blissfield, MI). The company employed what it calls a multi-conus design. An annular valve design provides refrigerant flow while reducing dead space loss, reducing pressure drop, and increasing the efficiency of the cylinder supply.

Bristol (Bristol, VA) showcased its TS technology in reciprocating compressors, as well as a line of scroll compressors. Applications available include single-phase, three-phase, and “alternate refrigerant platforms.”

Hartford (West Hartford, CT) featured open-drive reciprocating compressors said to use pneumatic or electric unloading, as well as a serviceable internal suction gas filter.

One of the Bitzer Delta Octagon compressors.
Hitachiof Japan displayed rotary compressors for use with 407C, as well as 100-hp screw compressors.

Another familiar name in the compressor sector is CMP Corp. (Oklahoma City, OK), which billed its ability to supply replacement compressor parts for a range of brand names.

Publication date: 02/16/2001