FARMINGTON, CT — To start off the new year, Carrier Corporation made some internal promotions.

John F. Malloy is the new president of Residential and Light Commercial Systems (RLCS); Anthony J. Guzzi is the new president of Commercial Systems and Services (CSS); and Frank W. Hartman is now the president of International Comfort Products (ICP).

In other appointments, Dave Roth is now the vice president and general manager of Carlyle Compressor. Roth succeeds Robin Baird, who will lead the manufacturing, design, distribution, sales, service, and installation activities for Carrier Refrigeration Operations’ (CRO) Tyler Refrigeration business unit.

In his new role, Malloy will continue to have responsibility for the Replacement Components Division (RCD), and its growth strategy led by William M. Brown, vice president and general manager, RCD.

“John Malloy has led a remarkable turnaround of the CSS business,” said Carrier president Jon W. Ayers. “In the last three years he has been responsible for significantly improving CSS’s performance, which includes the large chiller and the unitary equipment businesses. This turnaround has had a positive impact on our commercial business around the world. Our global leadership position is strengthened now because of the performance and momentum established at CSS.”

Before stepping into his new role, Hartman for the past five years was at the helm of Carrier’s RLCS business.

“Frank Hartman has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in overseeing the integration of ICP with Carrier over the past 16 months,” said Ayers. “At ICP, I am confident Frank will foster the kind of commitment and loyalty on the part of associates and customers alike to continue the growth agenda and generate attractive financial returns for Carrier.”

Since joining Carrier in 1998, Tony Guzzi has brought a high performance focus to the CSS organization, according to Ayers. In this new role, Guzzi also will have responsibility for the Light Commercial business. Daryl Leven, general manager of Light Commercial Systems, will report to Guzzi, while continuing to work closely with RLCS on packaged and Bryant-branded light commercial products.

Publication date: 01/08/2001