The Unified Group, a national alliance of independent hvac contractors, has formalized a “Code of Conduct” for its member companies who perform national account work.

Rich Bielak, a managing partner of The Unified Group, said that creating the code “was largely a matter of putting into writing what members… already practice on a daily basis.”

The Unified Group, with 30 member-companies and combined annual revenues of more than $400 million, already is composed of the best contractors in the industry, Bielak said, adding that “The Code of Conduct will enable us to capture the best practices of this group, which we believe will become the industry standard for quality.”

Standards of performance include response time on service calls, timeliness and quality of preventive maintenance inspections, turnaround time on quotes and estimates, and hours of technician training committed to by each member. Additionally, each member assigns one contact for multilocation national account work, and agrees to timeliness in responding to phone, e-mail, and fax requests.

Bielak said that Unified Group contractors currently perform $5 million in national account work annually. “We expect the sales volume to increase as our members continue to identify national business opportunities,” he said.

For more information, contact Bielak at 888-714-5990.

Publication date: 05/07/2001