CHICAGO, IL — Maintaining proper food cooling temperatures remains a challenge for restaurant operators.

A new way to meet that need comes from CoolTube Inc. (Corona, CA), which exhibited at the recent Food Marketing Institute and National Restaurant Association expositions here.

The unit is made of a single, metal, copper coil in a plastic housing and has adjustable slide rings for targeted airflow in unlimited directions.

The technology does away with evaporators in refrigerated cabinets. Said vice president David Cook, “We have removed the aluminum fin from the coil. We’ve spun the coil, and put it inside a plastic casing. We’ve made it adjustable in all angles and separated the airflow from the drain pan.”

He said the approach is designed to avoid electrolysis problems, and make the airflow directional for targeted cooling.

Developers contended that the evaporator can be retrofitted into existing refrigeration cabinets.

For the food service industry, CoolTube president Jeffrey Bennett said the design helps reduce the spread of bacteria.

The company was formed in 1996. Among endorsements is one from Bob Collins, the owner of a fast food restaurant in Oregon, who said, “It is easy to install, easy to maintain, reliable, and my temperatures are perfect.”

Models fit one-, two-, and three-door cabinets and have an option for custom fitting.

For more information, contact CoolTube Inc., 760 E. Parkridge, Corona, CA 92879; 888-302-4717.