Tecumseh used last fall’s Chillventa expo in Nuremberg, Germany, to highlight a number of its developments in commercial refrigeration.

In announcements made at the event, the company showed a new range of condensing units equipped with semi-hermetic compressors. “To complement our existing ranges, we have selected high- and low-pressure HFC-404A compressors from 3 to 13 hp,” the company said. The line, called SH, have semi-hermetic compressors with interchangeable components, an air-cooled twin-fan condenser, a liquid collection tank, suction and discharge valves, electronic protection module, discharge vibration absorber, and crankcase heater.

In its announcement, the company said, “With our units, you can fit a frequency converter (inverter), a power regulator, and/or a no-load start-up system for improved energy consumption, increasing the lifetime of our products. The semi-hermetic compressor lets the user monitor changes in refrigerants and access the mechanics of the system. We put all of the accessories at your disposal to help you to develop your installation, regulate the power, and even reconfigure the compressor.”

Also announced was the AE² high-efficiency compressors and condensing units. “The new AE² range offers maximum power in a smaller package. The 49 models in the new AE² range offer refrigerating capacities running from 150 to 750 W in LBP [low brake power] and 750 to 2,300 in HBP [high brake power]. The commercial refrigeration compressor and condensing units boast a new, more compact design and are especially well suited to refrigerated displays and cabinets, ice machines, bottle coolers, beer coolers, etc.”

In addition, the company noted that the compressors and condensing units operate with HFC-134a, HFC-404A, and R-290 (propane). The statement said, “The AE² range confirms the desire of the European directorate, through its management team and the American Group Tecumseh, to make a significant and sustainable investment in the first of several major renewal projects of the Tecumseh compressor range.” The company said the AE² compressors are available in the Wintsys® and Silensys® condensing units.

Regarding hermetic compressors, the company announced the expansion of the AG line. “To meet the demand in the market for capacity, Tecumseh has developed three new models of compressors operating with R-404A. One model is for positive commercial refrigeration and two models for negative commercial refrigeration. These compressors meet the demanding needs of applications such as cold rooms, milk tanks, ice machines, air dryers, central air handling, etc.”

In the area of motors, the company described a fan motor variable-speed kit Wintsys and AJ Silence. The technology offers “control of condensing pressure to optimize performance of the expansion valve and therefore of the cold room, noise level reduction at night and during low-consumption time, direct connection between the liquid line and the fan without electronic interface, and facilitated operation with easy adjustment of manual variation trimming.

“These kits include all the elements required to implement the fan’s variable speed during installation.”

And the company noted the Silensys® high-efficiency range of rotary and scroll compressors. “The reciprocating range has been supplemented by two high-efficiency ranges that integrate the new rotary and scroll compressors.”

Publication date: 12/17/2012