Here are some installation tips for contractors who sell and service packaged terminal air conditioning (ptac) units.

  • Check the manufacturer’s specs for proper mounting and securing of the sleeve. Some manufacturers recommend that you level from side to side and front to back, while others require a slight tilt for drainage. Several models have the proper tilt built into the sleeve.
  • Make sure inside discharge air has at least 24 in. of unrestricted space from objects such as draperies, furniture, etc. There should be an outdoor clearance of 36 in. away from shrubs, walls, etc.
  • Check the manufacturer’s specs for proper service cord length.
  • Have the installation performed by experienced, qualified technicians. Qualified technicians will be able to make sure that the electrical circuit and line voltage is correct for the equipment. If the amp draw of the equipment exceeds the line source, a motor burnout is very possible.
  • Turn off electricity to the direct wiring connection. While working with electrical circuits, take a few minutes to turn off the breaker or disconnect box. If you’re switching off breakers in a master panel, it is a great idea to either cover the breaker switch with electrical tape after you click it to the off position, or padlock the circuit panel when you have switched it off. Pull the cartridge fuse holder from disconnects and padlock the cover.
  • If you take these precautions, the chance of someone turning the circuit on while the technician is working on the system is virtually eliminated.

  • Check the supply line voltage to ensure compatibility to the equipment. If the amp draw of the ptac exceeds the amperes from L1 (line voltage), equipment will most likely suffer burned-out motors or compressors.
  • Carefully read the factory installation instructions before beginning. Taking time to do this will save time in completing the project.
  • Observe state, local, and national electric codes (NEC). These codes are established to protect people from injury and property from damage.
  • Pay attention to precautions, warning notices, and symbols in the installation instructions. Warning symbols refer to unsafe practices that can lead to bodily injury or perhaps death.

  • What Not To Do

  • Do not install the unit where fumes or flammables (liquid or gaseous) are present. Make sure the area is well ventilated.
  • Do not put any objects in the air outlet; the moving fan could cause damage or be damaged.
  • Do not attempt servicing or installing the unit while it is on or while the line voltage supply is on.
  • Do not move or locate the ptac unit alone; you will reduce chance of a back injury by having a partner to help you.
  • Do not, for any reason, remove or cut the grounding prong from a power cord plug.
  • Do not change the internal wiring of a system. Not only is this hazardous, it will void warranties.
  • Austin works in sales and marketing for the FAST Parts Division. He can be reached at 615-248-8323.

    Publication date: 06/11/2001