DALLAS, TX — Despite the absence of many of the manufacturers of finished equipment, the IAHR Expo, held here recently, featured a variety of product offerings for heating-cooling, humidification, and other processes.

While manufacturers displayed products that had been introduced earlier, or that had marginal changes, there were some significant exceptions.

For instance, York’s Unitary Products Group unveiled a new series of residential and light commercial products, as well as a line of nonducted mini-split units (see related article on page 57).

Its new “Predator” package rooftop line runs from 6.5 to 12.5 tons, and is charged with HCFC-22. Efficiencies run from 9 to 11.5 EER. Gas-electric units come with electronic spark ignition and power-vented combustion. Steady-state efficiencies reach 80%.

Another new offering is its “Mini-Cube” condensing units, aimed at multifamily structures like apartments, condos, and attached housing. The 22- by 22-in. units can be installed within 6 in. of a wall, or in a corner with a 6-in. clearance. They are available in 1- to 2.5-ton capacities. They are available in common builders’ sizes of 018, 024, and 030.

The Stealth™ Series is a 16-SEER residential split-system line ranging from 2 to 5 tons. The line features the company’s Comfort Enhancer™ control for its Twin-Single™ compressor, manufactured by its Bristol Compressor Division.

The compressor allows two capacities, providing two-stage benefits from one compressor.

“In forward motion, both pistons of the compressor function for high-capacity operation,” said Matt Peterson, sales vice president. “Reverse the motor, and the crankshaft design repositions one lobe so that only one piston continues to operate, for low capacity.” The system is designed to operate at low capacity 80% of the time.

Rounding out the offering is the “Diamond 95 Ultra” variable-speed gas furnace. Its two-stage status means that it is designed to operate at two capacities, with the “low-fire” capacity running about 80% of the time.

The furnace uses an electronically controlled GE motor, which quietly ramps up speed at the beginning of each cycle, and ramps down slowly thereafter, thus eliminating noisy, high-torque starts. The furnace has a 95% AFUE.

More new lines

Nordyne promoted its expanded light commercial line, including split systems, heat pumps, package air conditioners, air handlers, and gas-electric package units.

The line includes its S3BM split system, going up to 10 tons, with a 9 EER when used with the company’s air handler, and air handlers available in 90,000- and 120,000-Btu capacities. The gas-electric air handlers rate at 20 to 12 SEER with 2- to 5-ton capacity, and heat ranges from 45,000 to 120,000 Btu.

On the marketing side, the company promoted its brand names of Tappan, Philco, and Gibson, as well as its home warranty, which is available for the Frigidaire and Tappan brands.

The program, provided by Equiguard, covers all major mechanical systems and appliances in the home, with additional coverage for other systems like swimming pools. It covers years two through five of the home’s life, and includes a 24-hr hotline for homeowners to report claims.

Eubank Manufacturing offered its P9 and P10 Series high-efficiency package air conditioners for manufactured housing and other residential-commercial applications.

With efficiency ratings from 9.7 to 10.2 SEER, the units offer cooling capacities from 22,000 to 57,000 Btuh, and heating capacities from 5 to 30 kW.

Contractors can sell homeowners on the following features: quiet top air discharge; galvanized steel construction; a “super-tough,” polyester baked-on finish; and a vinyl-coated fan and condenser coil guards.

More technically savvy customers will appreciate the units’ copper tube-aluminum fin refrigerant coils; “rugged” heat pump compressor; and two-speed, permanently lubricated PSC blower motors.

Westair featured its WISN Series freestanding, split cooling-only or heat pump units, available in 2- through 5-ton capacities; the WOVN Series vertical-discharge condensing unit, available in cooling-only or heat pump models; and WPN Series packaged unit, available as cooling only, cooling with electric heat, or heat pump models, in capacities from 2 through 10 tons. The company is based in Dallas.

Petra, which is based in Amman, Jordan, displayed its PWSP water-source air conditioning units, available in freestanding and ducted designs. The company says its reverse-cycle system can supply either cold or warm air.

Sixteen sizes range from 19.48 to 335.64 MBtuh, over airflow from 500 to 8,800 cfm. Models are available as cooling-only or cooling-heating (heat pump or electric heater). The units are available with R-134a and -407C.

Product for senior housing

The Whalen Company displayed a related product, vertical hvac units. These units are targeted for the growing senior housing market.

Available for both new construction and retrofit, the systems include its Series VI water-source heat pump and air conditioner, and riser heat exchanger vertical fancoil units.

New at the show was its outdoor air configuration of its riser heat exchanger, in which outdoor air is constantly conditioned while passing over the finned tubing. The effect is to dehumidify outdoor air in a warm climate and humidify cold air in a cold climate. Systems are available in a two-pipe model, two-pipe with electric heat, and four-pipe.

IR Heater, gas boiler

Roberts Gordon introduced a specialty item, a gas-fired, low-intensity infrared heater.

The unit, called the “Vantage” and approved for outdoor and indoor installations, is designed for harsh and corrosive environments, where ducted warm-air heating is not appropriate. For instance, vent caps are located at the inlet and at the flue, eliminating the negative effects of wind, rain, and chemicals.

The unit’s additional supports and reflectors can withstand winds up to 40 mph, the company says. It is equipped with Honeywell’s “Smart Valve,” which combines the functions of both a gas valve and hot surface electronic ignition.

Also on the heating side, Weil-McLain featured its “Gold” line of CG gas boilers with direct vent (sealed combustion). With capacities ranging from 67,000 to 167,000 Btu, the units fit a broad range of residential and nonresidential applications.

The company says service technicians will find them easy to service by removing the top and front base panels, making the entire burner assembly accessible.

Also promoted are the company’s cast iron sections with elastomer sealing rings — said to last up to 35 years — and its control module and ignition control, whose five indicator lights show the proper operation of power, thermostat, limit and pressure switches, and flame.

The module responds to signals from the room thermostat, air pressure switch, and boiler limit control to operate the boiler circulator, pilot burner, gas valve, and inducer.

In addition, the microprocessor continually checks it 60 times each second. If electrical “noise” or low voltage is encountered, a control module restarts and retries, eliminating nuisance lockouts.

Sidebar: Lennox package units get smart

DALLAS, TX — While Lennox did not display a new rooftop line this year, it did promote “smart” options for its L Series® package air handlers: the Humiditrol™ humidity controller and L Connection™ network control panel.

The Humiditrol, targeted for customers who may experience high humidity without high temperatures that would require cooling, works with reheat and evaporator coils to remove moisture. The company says the reheat coil is sized “to provide essentially neutral (68° to 75°F) outside air.”

The network control panel, designed for contractors whose smaller commercial customers desire the more sophisticated control strategies, allows the hvac equipment to be controlled from one location in the building. Applications include schools, retail stores, restaurants, offices, and theaters.

The ddc system connects directly to the L Series package rooftop units’ integrated modular control board using a three-wire RS-485 interface. Zoning, holiday scheduling, and troubleshooting information are just a pushbutton away.

Sidebar: Carrier adds Purafil products to IAQ market

DALLAS, TX — Carrier Corp. and Purafil, Inc., announced an agreement for Carrier to market Purafil’s commercial products in North America.

The parties say it’s the first arrangement where an hvac product manufacturer offers a full range of gas-phase filtration products specifically dedicated to IAQ improvements.

Carrier will package Purafil filter sets as kits for installation in new and existing systems — rooftops, air-handling equipment, energy-recovery ventilators, and unit ventilators - without any design or hardware changes. The Purafil replacement products are available through both companies’ parts networks.

“We believe gas-phase filtration can be a very important part of a building’s air treatment and management strategy,” said George Calienes, Carrier’s senior manager for IAQ business development.

“Indoors, people are often sensitive to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that emanate from carpeting, cleaning supplies, and office equipment. Gas-phase filtration traps and eliminates VOCs, improving commercial indoor environments.”

Gas-phase filtration has its roots in industrial applications, said Purafil’s David Nicholas. “We see the market growing due to heightened concern for good IAQ, which has piqued customer interest in air-purification technologies.”

This technology removes VOCs and other contaminants and odors through adsorption, absorption, and chemical reaction, unlike conventional activated carbon filters that adsorb only, Nicholas said. Carrier will market Purafil’s line of “Purafilter,” “Purasource,” and “Commercial Disposable Module” products. The company says its system results in lower filter pressure drop, enhancing hvac efficiency.