WhenThe Newsconducted a survey of subscribers, readers responded that they wanted more service and maintenance articles and more technical articles. You wanted it, you’ve got it.

When you check out our Web site (www.achrnews.com) beginning with this Jan. 13 issue, you will see a redesigned site with a special added-value section for our subscribers called “Extra Edition.” This section will be featuring in-depth articles covering a variety of service and maintenance topics and technical articles providing “how to” tips and detailing new technology. In addition, to help you in your day-to-day operations, we’ll be providing business management articles.

Extra Edition will be a continually growing resource library that you can tap into for expanded technical and business information. The inaugural issue includes six articles, two in each category.

Service And Maintenance

Initial articles in this category include “Keeping Motors Clean,” which provides cleaning procedures and additional tips. “Refrigerant Line Sets Can Cause Compressor Failures” supplies a general overview of piping design considerations and helps you determine when extra measures might need to be taken during installation.


“How To Select The Best Oil Cooler” emphasizes that the best unit for your refrigeration customer isn’t necessarily the one that costs the most. Oil-flooded screw compressors use oil for lubrication, sealing rotating components, and absorbing heat. The article describes how to choose the best oil cooler for the application.

“New ‘GreasePro’ Technology Ensures Less Variability At Application Point” informs you of a technology that produces grease with improved performance characteristics for consistent lubrication of motor bearings and other components. It also highlights a patent relating to low-noise grease for noise-sensitive applications such as HVAC equipment.

Business Management

“How To Make Your Customers Work For You” tells you how to substantially expand your sales force at very little cost. “Seven Ways To Stay Up In Down Times” gives you ways to keep your company strong in a sluggish economy.

After this initial issue, one new story will be added in each category every two weeks along with periodic Web-exclusive features. Extra Edition stories will also be archived in this section. For better access to the complete News online archive, improved key word searching will enable you to quickly find articles published since 1999.

Aimed At Subscribers

This new section is designed with our subscribers in mind. Extra Edition will incorporate features of the printed edition, including departments such as Industry News and Reader Mail.

Beginning March 1, The News Web site will become a limited access site, with Extra Edition available at no charge to subscribers. Those who are not subscribers may purchase a day pass. Subscribers will get the additional, important articles of this section along with the complete content of the print edition of The News. Content that will remain free to all will include our cover story, What’s New, FYI, breaking news, and The News HVACR Directory & Source Guide.

Check out Extra Edition online and let us know what you think.

Mazurkiewicz is Web editor. He can be reached at 248-244-6459, 248-362-0317 (fax), or gregmazurkiewicz@achrnews.com.

Publication date: 01/13/2003