WACO, TX — Mr. Appliance, based here, is launching its “Mr. Appliance Gasket Replacement System.”

Mike Owens, vice president of operations for Mr. Appliance, said, “Bad appliance gaskets, especially on commercial refrigeration, have never been replaceable on-site with the consistency that the new Mr. Appliance system now offers.

“With our custom-fit gasket replacement capabilities, Mr. Appliance can address a variety of appliance needs and, where refrigeration is concerned, address a major health issue in the industry.”

According to Owens, “We found commercial properties such as restaurants and hotels grateful for the service, because it allowed them to meet health codes and ensure the safety of their services to the public.”

For more information, contact Owens at 800-207-8515 (phone); or visit www.mrappliance.com (website).

Publication date: 03/05/2001