WASHINGTON, DC — The Energy Star Solution, an energy auditing standard under development by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has been transferred to the Washington, DC office of Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC).

Under this privatizing initiative, the new auditing standard will be known as the Energy Savings Analysis Protocol (ESAP), and is intended to improve the quality of acceptable energy analyses for commercial and institutional buildings in the public and private sectors.

According to project principal Coriolana Simon, “By improving the quality of energy auditing and by showing how energy savings can improve a customer’s bottom line, investment in efficiency upgrades will become more attractive.

“One key to producing more con-vincing audit reports is to present the information in a business plan format, using terms a cfo is accustomed to.”

When completed and applied in the marketplace, the ESAP is expected to result in:

  • Greater value and less risk for energy customers;
  • Greater energy savings;
  • Reduced strain on the electric grid;
  • Increased efficiency of energy use;
  • A broader product offering for energy service providers;
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • Help in sustaining the nation’s economy.
  • To learn more about the ESAP or to participate in the ESAP industry forum, contact the program developers atesaprotocol@ctc.com(e-mail).

    Publication date: 03/05/2001