The System-30 Btu Meter is an inline flow meter/integral BTU computer combination that provides highly accurate thermal energy measurement in chilled water, hot water, and condenser water systems. It is specifically designed for smaller systems (0.8 to 38 gpm). An optional communications interface - available for BACnet® MS/TP, LonWorks®, Johnson Controls N2, and Siemens P1-FLN - provides complete energy, flow, and temperature data to the control system through a single network connection. Each System-30 is factory-calibrated and comes complete with all installation hardware. The System-30's features include flow accuracy of +0.5 percent of reading at a calibrated velocity, liquid temperature range of 32° to 200°F, maximum operating pressure of 400 psi, and semiconductor-based temperature sensors that provide delta T accuracy within 0.15°.

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