The TurboTorch Nitrogen Flow Meter (Model#: NFM-TT: P/N: 0386-0849) is the perfect choice for purging HVAC or refrigerator lines prior to the brazing process, says the company. The meter monitors the flow of nitrogen gas through the lines so that oxygen can be displaced, thereby preventing oxidation and the resulting scale that would otherwise be picked up by the refrigerant and cause contamination. It can measure the outflow of gas in two ways: by standard cubic feet per hour (outflow 0 toNitrogen Flow Meter 75 scfh) or by liters per minute (0 to 35 lpm). The meter has a durable brass body construction, a ¼-M.F. outlet and a ¼-F.F. inlet. The flow meter can be used with the TurboTorch nitrogen purge kit. The purge kit comes with a nitrogen regulator, two charging hoses, a blow gun, two cone plugs, a Turbo Tornado rubber tip to flush drainage lines clean, a needle tip for cleaning, and a CO2 adapter.

Thermadyne Industries Inc.;

eProduct 188