NEW ORLEANS, La. — Prokeep Inc., which offers communications engagement software for HVACR distributors, is now a Johnson Controls preferred vendor, offering the distributors of Johnson Controls brands reimbursement for better customer engagement and an easier way to drive sales.

Prokeep empowers HVACR distributors with a centralized inbox for faster response times, increased sales opportunities, and better customer communications history visibility, enhancing the customer experience, the company said in a press release. Additionally, Prokeep’s outbound messaging and enablement solution boosts sales through targeted broadcast messaging and two-way communication order notifications, the company said.

Since 2016, Prokeep has served thousands of distributors across North America with proven success in delivering revenue growth up to 300%, the company said. Prokeep will now equip the distributors of Johnson Controls brands — Champion, Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning, Luxaire, Fraser-Johnston, and York — with its short-message service marketing solution to educate contractors on products and opportunities.

“Today, over 3,000 HVACR distributors are using Prokeep to win more,” said Prokeep CEO Jack Carrere. “We continuously hear from our customers how Prokeep helps move inventory faster, provide a better customer experience, and grow revenue. That’s why we’re thrilled to work with Johnson Controls to make it easier for more distributors to experience more wins and serve their communities faster.”

Through the Johnson Controls preferred vendor program, distributors carrying Johnson Controls brands are eligible to use their co-op funds to cover up to 75% of the cost of a Prokeep annual subscription.

Features and benefits of Prokeep for distributors, according to the company, include:

• A centralized digital inbox for faster customer response times.

• Automation and templates for easy outbound engagement.

• SMS marketing for more promotions engagement.

• Organic customer relationship management for easy sales enablement.