Meet all of the 2023 Top 40 Under 40 HVACR Professionals

Joshua Griffin

Company: Griffin Air
Title: Owner
Age: 39

Aside from running a family-owned HVAC business in Virginia that has grown every year since it was started, Griffin has started helping homeowners in the decision-making process on purchasing HVAC systems through a membership site called and his YouTube channel called HVAC Guide for Homeowners.

“I'd like to be remembered as someone that made the industry better and more transparent,” Griffin said. “My website and YouTube channel are both geared toward helping consumers make informed decisions when buying HVAC. For some people, it's a very large investment, a big decision, and I want them to make a good one.”

He has helped thousands of homeowners avoid pitfalls they face when purchasing heating and air systems by giving them information usually not shared directly with the end consumer. His goal has been to help folks through the process, just like a realtor or CPA gives advice in their fields.

His YouTube channel has helped bridge the gap between HVAC manufacturers and homeowners who are making large investments while sometimes not having all of the information. Griffin also has a live show every week where he answers questions from homeowners. His mission has been to create transparency in the industry.

“I've built every one of my businesses from the ground up,” Griffin said. “My biggest accomplishments include helping many homeowners when they felt the most helpless and vulnerable making large purchase and being able to help some of my employees have better lives making a career in the HVAC industry.”