Company: Bosch Thermotechnology

Product: IDS Premium Connected

Description: The IDS Premium Connected heat pump features wireless connectivity to the Bosch EasyAir App, allowing contractors to access the information they need to conduct on-site installation, troubleshooting, and warranty registration. Homeowners can use the Bosch EasyAir app to monitor their energy usage and receive critical alerts, as well as contact their contractors for maintenance and repairs. The IDS Premium Connected provides a premium 20-plus SEER energy efficiency, and sound levels as low as 56 dBA. The fully modulating inverter compressor offers 36% to 130% capacity with modulation in 1% increments. This system also has a heating seasonal performance rating of 10.5 and can provide heating even when outdoor temperatures drop as low as -4°F. The accompanying air handler includes a two-stage x13 electronically commutated motor blower for enhanced humidity control and an all-aluminum coil for superior corrosion resistance. The IDS Premium connected outdoor unit is available in 36 kBTU and 60 kBTU capacity.

Contact: (800)-283-3787;; eProduct 184

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