WATERTOWN, Mass. — Whether heating or cooling, Bosch’s inverter heat pumps keep homeowners comfortable by providing indoor temperature and humidity control. These high-efficiency, robust, and quiet heat pumps are available in four sizes, ranging from 2-5 ton. These units boast variable-speed inverter drives that adjust the speed of the compressor to optimize comfort while keeping sound levels to a minimum. They utilize just the right amount of energy to achieve maximum efficiency up to 18 SEER for low energy bills and high comfort levels.

Inverter-driven heat pumps are able to self-adjust and provide consistent room temperature, even when the outdoor temperature dips below 5°F. Through the use of foil-faced air handler cabinet insulation, silent blade technology, sound isolating mounts, and outdoor condensing section placement, the system can deliver sound levels as low as 56dB.

For more information, visit http://bit.ly/BoschInverterHP.