Name: Chris Hanks

Title: HVAC Senior Technician

Why He’s Tech of the Month: Hanks knew in high school he wanted to enter the trades, because if trades was the route you chose, you spent half the day in high school and the other half in trade school. On a whim, he chose HVACR. And right off the bat, he enjoyed it. Upon high school graduation, he also graduated the trade program and was granted a tech certificate.

“I started working in the field right out of high school,” Hanks said. “I found that the more I learned, the more it appealed to me.”

A typical day for Hanks is spent doing service, maintenance, or repair calls. At Superior Services in Bluffton, South Carolina, he’s the only technician who has refrigeration experience, so sometimes he helps out that department. He enjoys the challenges of the job.

“It can be fun to figure things out, especially electrical,” Hanks said. “You know, reading diagrams, and I’ll usually be able to figure out pretty quickly what area I have to focus on.”

Hanks currently has no plans to change anything.

“Just carrying on,” he said.

Derek Miller, HVAC service manager at Superior Service, said Hanks is the go-to guy for just about any task in the Low country. He’s often referred to as the best refrigeration technician in the area.

One particular service call Miller noted was when Hanks was requested for his refrigeration skillset on a job in Savannah, Georgia. When he arrived, he had to park quite a ways away. For the next three hours, Hanks went back and forth to his work truck gathering the materials he needed to diligently fix a restaurant’s broken freezer.

“When asked how the call went, in his most humble voice he said, ‘They’re up and running.’ As a service manager, I knew there were more details. But that's Chris. He’s content with the highest customer satisfaction and puts his own emotions aside,” Miller said.

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