Name: Kevin Burbage

Title: Field Supervisor

Why He’s Tech of the Month: Kevin Burbage admits he wasn’t a great student in high school. Luckily for Burbage, he had an uncle, David Postell, in the HVAC business. Today, Burbage is the field supervisor at Hero Heating and Air, the Mount Pleasant, SC firm owned by Postell and his wife, Stephanie.

Part of Burbage’s role now is to teach others. Everything changed for him when his education went from the classroom to the field. He describes himself as a hands-on learner and mechanically inclined.

“I pretty much see it the first time and I don’t forget it,” Burbage said.

He meets with Hero’s other technicians on Tuesdays to discuss what they need to know. He draws up a training unit for them and brings in equipment for them to work on. Stephanie Postell said he breaks the concepts down into easy to understand steps and makes the process fun for the other techs.

“We work on their weaknesses until they become their strengths over time,” Burbage said.

Stephanie Postell describes Burbage as Hero’s problem solver. He runs the service calls for the most difficult jobs. She calls Burbage a “great storyteller” who puts customers at ease and helps them understand their system and whatever issue they are having. He’ll often have an apprentice along with him on one call and be on the phone with a junior technician helping him with another call.

“It's rare to find someone with the extent of knowledge that Kevin has and also someone who is a perfectionist when it comes to getting it right,” Stephanie Postell said. “Even though he is only 32, Kevin has helped numerous guys get into the trade and helped them to learn and make a really great living. He exemplifies what it means to grow others and lift our industry.”

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