Meet all of the 2022 Top 40 Under 40 HVACR Professionals
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Danica Bunnett

Company: Bluon
Title: COO
Age: 25

Danica Bunnett is a Stanford University grad with a degree in mechanical engineering. Danica is the rare individual who can fully understand and master the technical aspects of the industry via her mechanical engineering background, but more importantly, she’s able to connect with and inspire veterans of the industry. At the same time, she connects with young Millennial professionals in a manner that is more typical of a tech startup.

Danica is the chief operating officer of Bluon, a mobile app and support platform utilized by more than 100,000 HVACR contractors.

“I got my start in the HVAC industry about five years back when I joined Bluon’s small team at the time. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the nerd in me was fascinated by the technical aspects of the trade, and I was also drawn to the incredible people in this industry. The more people I met and techs I got to interact with showed me just how much heart there is in this industry,” Danica said. “I am incredibly excited to help bring practical technology that will actually be used at scale to the industry in order to make everyone more efficient.”

Danica is constantly assessing and improving how teams are managed, what systems are being used, how to improve company transparency, how to capture KPI’s and effectively measure them in real time, and much more.

“I want to be a positive force by empowering HVAC techs and helping the industry acknowledge and appreciate the importance of their work. Techs are the heart and soul of the industry, and if we can give them the tools and resources to be more productive, I truly believe that we can make a dent in the skilled labor shortage,” Danica said.