SIDNEY, Ohio — Emerson announced it has achieved 200 million Copeland compressor installations worldwide, a milestone that comes as the company concludes its 100th-anniversary celebration of the Copeland brand and as more industry regulatory deadlines continue to drive new product innovations.

Recent additions to Emerson’s compressor portfolio to help meet efficiency and lower GWP refrigerant requirements include the Copeland ZPK7 and Copeland ZPKZ scroll compressors for residential and commercial air conditioning applications. The ZPK7 and ZPKZ are the latest next-generation scroll compressors in the brand’s 100-year history. Other recent additions include the Copeland ZPSK7 two-stage scroll compressor for residential and light commercial air conditioning applications; an expanding CO2 compressor product line for commercial refrigeration applications; advancements in R-290 compressor technology; and A2L-qualified compressors, condensing units, and components.

“Lower GWP options, a heightened focus on sustainable solutions and higher efficiency requirements continue to drive product development,” said John Schneider, president, HVACR Technologies Americas, Emerson. “Having 200 million Copeland compressors installed worldwide signifies an important achievement for the Copeland brand and reinforces the roles of reliability and efficiency in compressor preference for OEMs, contractors, technicians, and end-users as they work to achieve regulatory compliance and sustainability goals.”

The Copeland brand’s legacy of reliability and inventiveness continues to serve as the foundation for regulation-ready, next-generation compression technology. The new ZPKZ, ZPK7, and ZPSK7 scroll compressor platforms are Emerson’s most efficient fixed-speed and two-stage compressors to date, developed to help meet the upcoming 2023 Department of Energy (DOE) higher-efficiency minimums. They are currently available with R-410A refrigerant compatibility and will have versions optimized for the next generation of lower GWP A2L refrigerants.

Copeland CO2 compressors transfer the high efficiency inherent in the Copeland scroll design to transcritical and subcritical CO2 refrigeration system designs. As regulations and sustainability goals drive broader adoption of the environmentally friendly COrefrigerant, Emerson continues to broaden its compressor portfolio and develop Copeland commercial refrigeration offerings that simplify the application of COsystems.

Nearing the end of its 100th-anniversary celebration of the Copeland brand, Emerson extends its focus on rigorous product testing and extensive research. The company continues to offer high-efficiency and lower-GWP refrigerant solutions to support manufacturers’ needs to redesign their systems to meet efficiency and refrigerant regulations.