Name: Mike Miller

Title: Service Technician

Why He’s Tech of the Month: Mike Miller’s grandfather, Charles Miller, is the reason he’s in the HVAC trade today. Charles Miller was in the pipefitters’ union and spent his career in a variety of roles. He had been a general foreman and even had his own company for a while. Mike Miller spent a lot of time following after his grandfather.

“As a kid, instead of going to summer camp, I’d go do boiler work with him,” Miller said.

He worked a few different jobs after graduating from high school, from delivering pizza to working in construction. Eventually, though, he followed his grandfather into HVAC, joined a Union and began his apprenticeship at Atlantic Westchester, a commercial HVAC contractor in Bedford Hills, New York.

Miller has been there for six years. He enjoys the variety of the work. On a given day, Miller can be doing anything from replacing a pump or motor to doing service or preventative maintenance.

“We can be working on anything from a ductless unit to a 1,000-ton chiller,” Miller said.

Bud Hammer, Atlantic Westchester’s president, shared a story about how Miller goes above and beyond for his customers. This past winter, Miller was dispatched for an afterhours “no heat” emergency call on an extremely cold weekend. Miller didn’t have the parts for the repair, so he contacted one of the supply house managers and explained the situation. Hammer said he was able to access the store to secure the parts needed to restore heating operation.

“The repair was successful, and the client sent great praise for Mike’s tenacity and ability to assist them,” Hammer said.

When asked where he sees himself in five years, Miller said at Atlantic Westchester. He’s a journeyman now, but his main goal is just to keep improving in his role.

“I hope to be a better tech each and every day,” Miller said. “Five years from now, you should be five years better than you are now.”

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