LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., a provider of distribution, 3PL and 4PL solutions for a diverse range of finished goods and replacement parts, announced it has received authorization from Bosch to supply factory-certified parts for home appliance repairs.

Per an agreement with Bosch, a global appliance maker, Encompass will distribute parts for use in warranty and non-warranty repairs of Bosch high-quality laundry and kitchen products. The deal additionally comprises Bosch luxury kitchen brands Gaggenau and Thermador.

“We could not be more pleased with the opportunity to support the renowned Bosch brand,” said Encompass President and CEO Robert Coolidge. “With the addition of Bosch, Encompass has further reinforced our standing in the market as a convenient single source of repair parts for virtually all the world’s major appliance brands — as well as brands for many other product categories.”

Encompass is one of the nation’s most diversified original parts distributors, supporting numerous verticals beyond appliance, such as consumer electronics, HVAC, computer, printer, and personal care. The company also offers a variety of aftersales services from complete parts supply chain management to repair and refurbishment.

Encompass will leverage its distribution facilities in Georgia, Florida, Nevada, New York, and Ohio to warehouse and ship Bosch parts to service centers and end users throughout the U.S. Coolidge said the company is currently assessing other strategic locales for distribution, particularly in the Midwest and West.

“Our goal is to provide next day delivery to as much of the country as we can,” he said. “By listening to our customers, we know it is absolutely critical to get parts where they need to be fast. People simply cannot wait days to get their refrigerators or washing machines fixed.”