Siemens is working to expand their offerings to fit any building size, with any amount of complexity. The ultimate goal is making that building easier to manage and making the implementation of the product easier than ever before. The company shared an array of solutions to meet these goals during this year’s AHR Expo.

One example is the Climatix RTU solution. The Climatix simplifies maintenance and management of rooftop unit performance out-of-the-box via an app. Once installed, it allows building operators and contractors to monitor IAQ remotely.

“You can make changes on the fly without having to go back to the site,” said Leann Whalen, director of marketing for Siemens Building Products Americas.

The remote function helps HVAC contractors deal with one of their biggest issues — the shortage of qualified workers. Whalen said one senior technician can oversee several junior technicians in the field working on these units.

Then there is the hydronic optimization piping package. This reduces HVAC energy consumption up to 30%, while increasing overall building efficiency, operational performance, and comfort. The new cloud-based Intelligent Valve optimizes consumption, increases energy efficiency, and reduces operating costs.

Siemens also offers a number of building automation solutions. Desigo Optic is an open building management software that streamlines engineering workflows with expanded data points for scalability. Desigo CC is a multi-discipline building management platform, with new applications for power management. It also supports a growing third-party application ecosystem, which includes electric car charging, indoor gunshot detection, and more.

The heating and cooling of a building is determined by many factors, and Siemens offers solutions that takes these into account. Working together, a connected system can control the HVAC, lower shades to either keep in or keep out heat, and dim the lights.

Siemens is addressing two of the biggest issues in automation — cybersecurity and moving functions to the cloud. The company designs its building automation solutions with cybersecurity in mind, Whalen said. The new series of controls allows BACNet Secure Connect. Later this spring, Siemens will roll out its new cloud-based AI platform.

Another major trend is workers returning to buildings. Siemens profiled a few ways it can help building operators deal with fluctuating occupancy and concerns about IAQ. The new fan coil unit thermostat is a room automation solution with built-in temperature and humidity sensors that provide high application flexibility. Updated IAQ solutions now offer a multi-zone VAV control with damper actuators.

“Siemens is working to make sure everything is a little easier,” Whalen said.