Test instruments can be a great tool for contractors to use. The products listed below are a sampling of tools that allow HVACR contractors to get to the bottom of almost any problem in a quick, efficient, and correct manner.


Contractors can troubleshoot air conditioning systems quickly and accurately with the Amprobe RLD-1 Refrigerant Leak Detector. State-of-the-art technology makes it easy to precisely pinpoint a wide variety of halogenated refrigerant leaks, including R-134a, R-404A, R-407C, R-410A, R-22, Freon, and other refrigerants. The microprocessor-controlled gas sensor and advanced digital signal processing provides cutting-edge accuracy. The suction pump’s instant-response and quick-clearing sensor speeds up the testing process. The RLD-1 features a high-medium-low leak sensitivity selector and clearly indicates leaks with tri-color LED display and audio. A reference leak source and carrying case are included.For more information, visit www.amprobe.com or call 877-267-7623.


Cooper-Atkins Corp. announced a new and improved TM99A Thermistor Temperature Instrument. The new design of the TM99A offers the user an easier grip on the unit and a condensed key pad for simple operation, now with a five-year instrument warranty. Ideal for those applications where only one temperature is read at a time, the TM99A is an industry standard, the company said. Its features include a min/max memory button, hold button and auto shut-off after five minutes of nonuse. The thermistor temperature instrument also includes a backlight for working in dark environments. The TM99A comes with a 1075 general purpose puncture probe and has a one-year probe warranty. The temperature range on this instrument is -40° to 302°F (-40° to 150°C) and is °F/°C switchable for easy operating.For more information, visit www.cooper-atkins.com or call 860-347-2256.


Fieldpiece Instruments’ SRS2C Wireless Refrigerant Scale is the “only scale of its kind,” the company said. The SRS2C delivers accurate measurements in a heavy-duty design and eliminates the clumsy wires that normally connect the hand-held controller and display to the scale platform. The SRS2C features a wireless remote with a bright blue backlight and a flip-up magnetic ‘hat’ for easy reading. The heavy-duty platform is constructed of solid aluminum with ruggedized rubber bumpers. A recessed tank platform and diamond plate pad hold refrigerant cylinders firmly, and the remote stores conveniently in the bottom of the platform. The SRS2C has push button zeroing (tare) and syncing between the remote and the platform. A 33-foot range gives technicians options while working. Padded nylon case with shoulder strap included.For more information, visit www.fieldpiece.com or call 714-634-1844.


Testo introduced the 330-1 LL Combustion Analyzer, featuring unique sensor technology with a four-year sensor warranty. Additional features include large memory capacity, USB connectivity, 18 fuels pre-programmed, and expanded capabilities for an optional NOx sensor and optional probes: ambient CO2, ambient CO, and gas leak testing. It is designed for daily combustion testing on gas and oil systems, CO testing, CO2, O2 and efficiency checks, draft, differential temperature, and pressure analysis. Technicians can use the model for daily combustion analysis on boilers and furnaces and optimize fuel efficiency and operation. Contractor kits come complete with a convenient, wireless infrared printer; an integrated magnetic boot; and a rugged molded carry case.For more information, visit www.testo.com or call 800-227-0729.


The TIF family of tools for HVAC system performance test instruments with infrared capabilities includes thermocouple thermometers (P/N 3310/3320), a psychrometer (P/N 3110), an anemometer (P/N 3220), and a differential pressure meter (P/N 3420, infrared probe not included). The instruments enable technicians to target non-contact surfaces and quickly take accurate differential temperature, pressure, and airflow readings. Technicians can also store min/max and avg readings with these tools. TIF 3310/3320 takes differential temperature readings with dual type-K thermocouple probes and non-contact surface temperatures using the IR thermometer probe (included with the 3320). TIF 3110 provides speedy checks on indoor quality in offices, production rooms, warehouses and more. This IR thermometer/psychrometer combines the function of a humidity meter, type-K thermocouple thermometer and an IR thermometer in one easy-to-use handheld device. TIF 3220 measures air speed and temperature, and is ideal for air flow measurements of targeted areas at various air returns and vents. Ceiling vents are easily reachable with the 3½-foot cable that connects the vane sensor to the instrument. TIF 3420 allows technicians to measure differential, absolute, and static pressures in most HVAC systems with its dual input pressure manometer. Other features include large, easy-to-read LCD display and rugged design for easy grip and hold. The instruments also come in a carrying case, allowing technicians to conveniently transport the equipment.For more information, visit www.tif.com or call 800-327-5060.


If there is CO - you’ll know. The Sensit P100 (CO) from TruTech Tools Ltd. will tell you. Smaller than most cell phones, this pint-sized powerhouse provides 24 full months of complete protection from CO exposure. It detects CO from 1 to 999 ppm with 1 ppm resolution. The extremely durable Sensit P100 (CO) provides audible (90dB), visual, and vibration alarms when the preset alarm limits are exceeded. TruTech Tools has customized the alarm levels to coincide with the Building Performance Institute (BPI) standard action levels. The sensors and battery are designed for two years of continuous normal use. Two buttons operate the instrument. Multiple LEDs beneath a frosted lens produce a brilliant warning even in bright sunlight. The instrument mounts using a sturdy suspender clip and cannot be powered off or zeroed when in alarm mode. The impact resistant rubberized housing is rated IP65, which means it is dust tight and can withstand water spray.For more information, visit www.TruTechTools.com or call 888-224-3437.


The Eagle 2X C155KIT from UEi is a combustion and system analyzer with a combination of features and functions to aid the heating contractor in maintaining furnaces and boilers. This award-winning analyzer has a user-friendly interface and comes fully equipped with the hoses, probes, and accessories needed. The Eagle X exchanges the typical electrochemical oxygen sensor with a new EOS Technology CO2 sensor. This allows the Eagle X to take direct CO2 measurements and calculate the oxygen levels, eliminating the need for an O2 sensor, meaning no O2 sensor replacement or O2 sensor calibration drifting. This considerably lowers the user’s annual cost of ownership and provides greater reliability. This long life sensor is warranted for five years and has a life expectancy of 10 years. Sean Tierney, UEi director of marketing, said, “Show customers that by maintaining their comfort system they are doing their part to help reduce energy expense by burning fuel more efficiently, which helps both the planet and their wallet.”For more information, visit www.ueitest.com or call 800-547-5740.

Publication date:08/16/2010