Company: Chemours

Product: Opteon XL41 (R-454B)

Description: Representing a new generation of low-GWP solutions for the HVAC and refrigeration markets, Opteon XL41 is a R-410A replacement providing an easy, cost-effective refrigerant for use in residential and commercial applications including direct expansion chillers and air conditioning; window units and portable air conditioning; heat pumps and chillers; mini-split, multi-split, and ducted-split units; and packaged terminal air conditioners. In addition, Opteon XL41 carries an ASHRAE A2L safety classification, is compatible with POE oil, and offers an approximate 78% GWP reduction compared to R-410A. Opteon XL41 has been selected by Carrier and Johnson Controls Inc. to replace R-410A in their North American ducted residential and light commercial packaged products.

Contact: (302) 773-1000;; eProduct 181

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