Company: Fieldpiece Instruments

Product: Wireless Vacuum Gauge

Description: Fieldpiece Instruments introduces a new wireless vacuum gauge: model MG44. The MG44 wireless vacuum gauge features a large LCD screen with three user-selectable data views as well as high and low alarms, all housed in a durable no-slip grip case. With the addition of wireless capability, the new vacuum gauge allows HVACR professionals to view vacuum readings with the Fieldpiece Job Link System App or on the SMAN Refrigerant Manifold. The new Wireless Vacuum Gauge MG44 can be used three ways: 1) as a standalone vacuum gauge, 2) with a Job Link-enabled device to monitor up to 1,000 feet away from the gauge or have a Job Link live look-in consultation, and 3) monitor the external gauge through the SMAN SM380V/SM480V digital refrigerant manifold. With this up-to-the-minute information, the HVACR professional knows when an extra nitrogen purge is required, a leak is suspected, or if the process is proceeding normally. Professional Job Link reports can be generated from this data as well. The large LCD screen on the unit can be easily seen in bright or low light and from a wide angle. The user can select one of three unique views, including a new Rate Meter that shows the real-time change per minute, a Bar Graph that has a range up to atmosphere, or the Rate that shows the rate that shows the change per minute.  

Contact: 714-634-1844,, eProduct 186

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