The Vacuum Sentry vacuum gauge guards system service activity and provides notification when pre-set alarm thresholds are reached. While the technician is servicing another system, the VG640T can send a signal to the Remote Alarm (R100) up to 400 feet from the vacuum gauge. Two different versions are available: the VG640 with local audible and visual alarms, or the VG640T, which adds the remote alarm with audible, visual, and vibration alarms. Specifications include unit readings in micron, milliBar, Pascal, Torr, and milliTorr; accuracy of ±10 percent or ±10 microns, whichever is larger (50-2,000 microns) at 75°F; and an overpressure of 800 psi max (55 Bar). The vacuum gauge features a thermistor sensor, ½-second response time (update rate), backlit LCD, auto shutoff, and built-in hanger.

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