When a customer asks for an estimate for an A/C repair or air conditioning maintenance service, he or she is likely into knowing the labor cost. While some customers might be only after the price, others are interested in learning more about the work that will be done before using your service. Not only will it help them understand the expenses associated, but it also helps you, as the HVAC contractor, to better communicate the entire process. So what should you include in your HVAC estimate?


Actual Costs of the Project

Though every A/C repair or air conditioning maintenance job is different, HVAC companies should be willing to provide the actual service cost. And because you’re trying to win the deal, the estimate shouldn’t be too low or too high—or you’re going to lose a potential customer. Try to be as accurate as possible.

Don’t forget about these things when making your cost calculations.

  • Labor (Do you charge per hour or per project?)
  • New Parts & Materials (What are the parts and materials needed?)
  • Miscellaneous Items (What are other miscellaneous items that could be used in the project?)

The closer you are to your estimate once the project is done, the higher your chances of getting another loyal customer.


Summary of Work

Transparency always goes a long way. On your estimate, your customers should be informed of where their money goes or what they’re paying for with your air conditioning repair service. The summary must include detailed information about the issue, how it will be resolved, and how long it will take to complete the job.

It’s up to you whether or not to provide the step-by-step process of the project. End the summary with your recommendations and present them with options to encourage customer trust.


Maintenance Warranties

Homeowners with new HVAC systems often want to know about warranties — so you may want to include this in the estimate. Once they learned that you offer air conditioning maintenance warranties, they’ll surely give you a call by the time they need their system serviced.


Contact Information

If you spent the whole day making up an excellent estimate, then be sure to include your contact information in the document. This way, your customers will know how to reach you when they want to go through the details of the estimate or hire you for an air conditioning repair service. Also, some customers already know what they need, so they’ll just talk to you over the phone to discuss their project in details. If a business card is available, then you may attach it on the file along with the other add-ons.


Your Certifications & Credentials

Why would a customer choose you over another HVAC company? Your estimate should showcase what makes you stand out from the rest. It’s a good idea to attach your certifications, licenses, memberships (local and international), insurance, or any other supporting documents that you have. Show them what you have that others don’t have.