It’s easy to tell that Adam Osgood has spent almost his entire life in Lake Havasu, Arizona, one of the hottest cities in America. Just look at his job history. Osgood currently works as lead installer for HVAC contractor Air Control Home Services. He started out working as a pool installer.

Osgood did get a break from the heat when he spent a few years in the U.S. Air Force. He worked in aircraft maintenance at a base in Germany. He signed on with Air Control as a summer helper upon his return eight years ago and has been with the company ever since. In that time, he installed more than 400 ductless systems.

“I wound up having a knack for it, and I just pursued it,” he said.

Jamie Jensen, Air Control’s vice president, describes Osgood as “a highly-skilled installer in both retrofit and new construction installations. His knowledge of install ranges across the board from simple package units to complex variable speed systems and everything in between.”

Osgood never complains, Jensen said, even when he spends time in a 140°F attic. Afterward, he always cleans up his work area.

Working in that kind of heat proves brutal, even for someone who grew up there. Osgood said he knows what to expect and helps other techs coming from out of town handle the heat. Osgood tells them to hydrate and listen to their bodies. If you stop sweating, he said, that’s a bad sign.

“Everyone here at Air Control, we watch out for each other,” Osgood said.

The firm keeps busy in the wintertime with home energy audits and sealing ducts with Aeroseal. Osgood said the weather is actually great nine months out of the year.

Osgood always enjoyed troubleshooting when he worked on planes, and these days, he wants to improve his HVAC service skills. His ultimate goal is to one day manage the service department.

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