Hussmann Corp., a Panasonic company, launched a multi-destination roadshow, traveling to more than 40 locations throughout the U.S. to showcase new and future-proof food retailing solutions. The Hussmann Shop the Future mobile experience offers retailers an interactive demonstration on innovative solutions for today and tomorrow all within a custom 53-foot-long, 700-square-foot trailer.

"The food retailing industry is always evolving – and we have seen the pace of change only accelerate this year," said Tim Figge, CEO of Hussmann. "With many industry events and expos canceled or moving online, Hussmann is bringing solutions for changing dynamics right to retailers."

Since its founding in 1906, Hussmann has been focused on helping retailers solve their toughest problems with future-thinking solutions. The Shop the Future mobile experience carries this spirit forward, serving as a catalyst to discuss customer-focused solutions for e-commerce, technology, natural refrigerants, mobility, flexibility, and merchandising.

Some of the features of the mobile experience include:

  • The soon-to-be-released Insight Reach-In, which maximizes merchandising ability while bringing a cohesive look and feel to the entire store. The Insight Reach-In can make a difference in the high-profit margin frozen food department.
  • Order fulfillment solutions including Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), which help with picking to merchandisers and refrigeration systems for staging areas.
  • The Smart Exchange Locker, which helps retailers get orders in shoppers' hands when they want and where they want while giving retailers piece of mind with Hussmann's commitment to food safety and refrigeration performance.
  • Hussmann’s microDS, a micro distributed system that is water-cooled and uses R-290 (propane), and the Purity system, which is a multiple compressor system that uses R-744 (CO2) exclusively.
  • Custom solutions for retailers' unique needs. Whether e-commerce or in-store with custom designs and flexible-use merchandisers, Hussmann has solutions for supermarkets and convenience stores alike. Proactively manage refrigeration equipment with StoreConnect, a software-as-a-service offering that leverages Internet of Things technology to connect equipment to cloud environments, strategically analyze data, and provide automated actionable insights to improve the service experience in real time.

Starting in St. Louis, Missouri, the Shop the Future mobile experience will be set up on-site at scheduled locations throughout the remainder of the year.

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