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Gold medal. Copland ZPKZ Compressor.
Copeland™ 6-40 Ton ZPKZ Fixed Speed Scroll Compressor

The Copeland™ 6-40 Ton ZPKZ Fixed Speed Scroll Compressor from Emerson is a new compressor that the manufacturer believes can help set the industry standard for efficiency while meeting the upcoming nationwide refrigeration regulations. The company’s efforts in working to reach that goal earned it a Gold award.

The fixed-speed scroll compressor is designed for commercial applications. It features R410A, a lower-GWP refrigerant, and is being released initially from 12 tons to 15 tons. The product aims to decrease the complexity of original equipment manufacturer and contractor installations by adding harmonized fittings and plug-and-play features. These features provide scalability in electronics, allowing OEMs to interchange and test different modules without completely redesigning their HVAC systems. With harmonized fittings orientation across the product line, these products serve as drop-in replacements for legacy compressors, reducing complexity for OEMs.

Joe Nichter, president of Comfort Systems USA in Chandler, Arizona, said the Copeland Scroll ZPKZ represents the way Emerson is helping to advance the HVAC industry. He called the company a consistent leader in initiating innovative change and said this new fixed-speed scroll compressor is a good example of that.

“Our industry traditionally has been very slow at innovative changes incorporated in equipment, materials, and systems,” Nichter said. “Over the past 10 years, I believe we are definitely starting to change that perception. We have seen multiple improvements in energy efficient equipment, modular, predictive maintenance, Internet of Things, and many other techniques that have improved safety, efficiency, quality, and productivity in the HVACR industry.

“As a mechanical contractor, we are always looking for better products that streamline installation and provide the reliability needed for our commercial customers”

Copeland Scroll™ 12 to 40 hp ZPKZ compressors offer increased efficiencies, allowing OEMs to redesign commercial HVAC systems to comply with the Department of Energy (DOE) new minimum integrated energy efficiency ratio (IEER) standards that take effect January 2023. These products are recommended for use on rooftops or in chillers for commercial buildings.

The fixed-speed scroll technology has been built on 30-plus years of proven Copeland Scroll reliability with over 150 million scrolls produced. The design and development took approximately three years. During that time, Emerson engineers worked to ensure that the new design enhancements would help customers meet the new standards. They used market studies, market analysis, and voice of the customer surveys to understand key trends that support higher efficiency systems. Sample testing through credible OEM and customer feedback was utilized as well.

“This product will serve as the industry steward for best-in-class efficiencies, driving the market need for product development to improve efficiencies,” said Stephen Hueckel, Emerson’s marketing manager. “In addition to the higher efficiencies, the harmonized fittings’ orientation simplifies OEMs’ manual labor time and reduces their applied costs. With the oil-injection offering a larger operating envelope, these products can satisfy customer needs in more applications than other products in the market. Premium features such as oil detection and system communication will eventually become industry standard features, with the ZPKZ leading the way.”

RectorSeal RSH 50 Surge Protector.
RSH-50 Surge Protective Device

The RSH-50 Surge Protective Device from RectorSeal earned the Silver award for components and accessories. It is a surge protection product line designed specifically for HVACR equipment and carries a lifetime warranty. The permanently-installed RSH Series is designed to protect all single-phase, 120/240-V air conditioning, heat pumps, and ductless mini-split systems from transient over-voltage and natural-cause surges.

The RSH Series is weather-rated under NEMA 4X and can be installed within minutes to the nearby outdoor disconnect box’s knockout access with an included ½-inch (12.7-mm) nipple and wired to the contactors. The RSH-50 can also be mounted inside the condenser with an included stainless steel bracket and wired directly. The device offers protection from up to 60,000-amp single surges and up to 20,000-amp repetitive surges “RectorSeal uses superior and more reliable thermally-fused varistors (TFMOV) and innovatively combines them with a gas discharge tube (GDT) — the HVACR industry’s first surge protection integration of TFMOVs with GDTs,” said Travis Weirich, director of business development for RectorSeal.

The TFMOV handles the everyday workload of commonly occurring surges generated within the building by millisecond transient over-voltages — in addition to supply-side utility voltage load transfers that repetitively degrade compressor motors, circuit boards, and other electrical components’ LED diagnostic lights — to easily indicate operational status installed within minutes to the nearby outdoor disconnect box knockout access. The RSH-50 reduces surge liabilities and damage.

Two-Stage Modulating Scroll Compressor.
LG Electronics U.S. A Inc. Component Solutions
Two-Stage Modulating Scroll Compressor

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of HVACR compressors, LG Electronics U.S.A Inc, Component Solutions’ Two-Stage Modulating Scroll Compressor brings enhanced performance to OEMs — enough to earn the manufacturer a Bronze award for components and accessories.

Stress-tested to LG’s reliability standards, the two-stage compressor features improvements and benefits made for technicians and manufacturers alike. Designed for multi-family, mixed-use, and other spaces requiring multiple HVAC units, the LG unit operates in two stages to improve efficiency by reducing capacity, particularly in moderate and unpredictable environments.

The compressor features a weather-resistant solenoid that is accessible and makes service easier. It is engineered to exceed the typical life cycle of a standard internal valve. Its 24V AC connection simplifies electrical troubleshooting and eliminates the need for special plugs.

“As a high-efficiency alternative to the previous single-stage model, this compressor technology lowers energy consumption in air conditioning systems by operating at 66 percent capacity on cooler days when demand is low, and operating at full capacity on warmer days when demand is high,” said Mike Roberston, senior account manager at LG. “By reducing short-cycling during cooler days, the unit lowers indoor humidity by increasing the time spent circulating air across the evaporator coil.”

LG’s compressor is designed for both residential and commercial usage. The product lineup was expanded to target commercial applications as of 2019. LG invested research and development resources and four years to create this base technology.