ManufacturerEmerson Professional Tools

ProductRidgid Press-In Branch Connector Tool Kit

2019 Dealer Design Awards Gold Medal

The Ridgid Press-In Branch Connector Tool Kit received the Gold award in the Components and Accessories category for this year’s Dealer Design Awards. The kit makes ¾-inch branch connections on black steel pipe without a flame, eliminating the need to schedule a fire watch. It is designed for adding gauges or ¾-inch pipe in chilled water, compressed air, industrial gas, and low-pressure steam applications.

The kit includes fitting positioning guides, an arbor shaft assembly, a drill guide, and vacuum adapters. The arbor attaches to standard drills, includes an M27 hole saw, and is designed to prevent the saw from breaking through both sides of the pipe. Ridgid used surveys, visited job sites, and held focus groups in order to identify the best ways an innovative tool kit could aid contractors.

“On the hole saw guide itself, as you’re cutting the hole, there’s a port that allows you to attach the hole saw guide to essentially any wet/dry vac,” said Rich Kundracik, director of engineering of Global Press Connection, Ridgid. “Therefore, you can capture the chips and prevent them from going in the pipe as you make a cut. So this allows you to keep that workplace clean and prepare for the press as you make a cut.”

Mitch Barton, marketing director of Global Press Connection, Ridgid, said the product allows time savings of 40 to 50 percent, depending on the application. The kit comes with an expander to fit all standard Ridgid press tools, such as the RP 340, RP 330, RP 320, and CT-400, along with the Viega Press-In Branch Adapter Fittings. The kit comes with a full lifetime warranty.

“With the press fittings themselves, the contractor is able to use a tool that they probably already have in their bag,” Barton said, “so they don’t need to buy a special press tool for this application.”

Ridgid plans to continue expanding the MegaPress line.

“We’ll be adding accessories into the line that leverage that tool for the contractor, so they don’t have to buy a separate tool,” said Kundracik. “We’d like to add accessories on and will likely be coming out with some new accessories in the near future.”



ProductDanfoss Connecto Power Connection Kits

The Danfoss Connecto Power Connection Kits take the Silver due to their ability to enable simple, reliable, and safe installation of electric heating cables. They are designed to be used with Danfoss’ RX-C roof and gutter de-icing cables, as well as the PX pipe freeze protection cables.

Kits can be purchased in eight different varieties: with or without an end seal, in splice or t-splice, with or without power, and an x-splice configuration.

The Connecto Power Connection Kits allow for simple installation, due to their stripless connection that removes the need for a technician to “strip out” current carrying conductors from the active heat producing matrix. Only basic tools are needed to install the system, since the primary connection components were built into the kits and allow for a simple twist-and-tighten action of the connector barrel to complete the electrical connection. The simplicity of the system makes the job easier for the installer, as the connector simplifies the connection between the grounding braid and the grounding wiring.

“Danfoss Connecto Power Connection Kits simplify the job of the contractor, allowing them to complete jobs quicker and more efficiently,” said Carla Horn, marketing communications manager for Danfoss.


ManufacturerRectorSeal LLC

ProductTripleGuard Smart

This year, the contest resulted in a tie for the Components and Accessories category when it came to the Bronze winner.

First up is the TripleGuard Smart — a cloud-based leak monitoring, detection, and prevention system that guards against property-damaging infrastructure water-source leaks in residential and commercial real estate. Should a leak occur in a residential or commercial location equipped with TripleGuard Smart, the program will identify the leak and proactively stop water flow to the area in order to prevent water damage. Users can access their water control remotely or on-site through their smartphones or a computer, relying on the real-time data that the mobile application and website provide.

“[It] features easy, fast installation,” said Sean Holloway, national sales manager, RectorSeal LLC. “No drilling and cable-trench required. No electrician is required… [it] detects water leaks in the places that are prone to leaking, such as under the sink, near water heaters, washing machines, and other appliances.”




And last but not least is the Easycollar by Marketair, which is a prefabricated collar designed to improve the appearance of ductless cassette air handlers in shallow ceilings.

Cassette air handlers typically protrude from ceilings shallower than 18 inches, so the EasyCollar masks those jutting cassettes with a prefabricated fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) sleeve to change the previously unaesthetic appearance to a highly professional one.

“EasyCollar eliminates the problem of unsightly cassette air handlers protruding from the ceiling,” said Gerry Spanger, president of Marketair. “It also provides the freedom for designers to select cassette air handlers, which are often the most efficient form of air distribution, for use in shallow ceilings where they would previously have avoided such applications due to poor aesthetic appearances.”

EasyCollar is available in depths from 2 inches to 12 inches and can fit virtually any cassette, regardless of manufacturer.


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