Company: SPX Cooling Technologies Inc

Product: Marley® BasinGard™ Filter

Description: Available for new and existing factory-assembled, crossflow cooling towers, this product maintains the cooling tower’s hot water basin flow by capturing mineral scale, pipe rust, fibers, and debris. Using a stainless steel grid to provide stability and hold the filter into place, the patent-pending nylon filter is infused with silver-based biocide, offering antimicrobial benefits to help maintain cooling tower hygiene. The product ensures free flow of water to the nozzles, even with up to 75 percent heavy debris blockage. It reduces the risk of basin overflow, guards against premature component replacement, and helps maintain cooling tower performance. The replacable filter features debris #4 mesh or larger and withstands harsh cooling tower environments. It reduces maintenance and cleaning costs, as the filter helps prevent debris from reaching other components downstream, including cooling tower fill, pump impellers, and heat exchangers.

Contact: 800-462-7539,, eProduct 192

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