Company: Navien Inc.

Product: NPN Series

Description: Standing for Navien Premium Non-Condensing (NPN), this product is offered in two series: the NPN-U (universal) and NPN-E (exterior). Both series are available in 160,000 BTU/H, 180,000 BTU/H, and 199,900 BTU/H models for either natural gas or liquid propane. The products have NaviTech™ technology that includes a stainless-steel heat exchanger and an advanced stainless-steel burner with the same low NOx level as the NPE. The NPN-U series offer indoor and outdoor operation within the same unit and include an integrated control panel within the cover of the unit. Both series have recirculation control built into their circuit boards and are designed with a pin-to-pin matching configuration for retrofit installations.

Contact: 800-519-8794,, eProduct 185

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