Company: RedTeam Software

Product: TeamPlayer

Description: This product facilitates subcontractor collaboration by providing simplified access for all team members to read and respond to critical documents and transactions. The app is free for subcontractors, granting them instant access to documents shared with them via RedTeam’s project management software. Subcontractors can view the status of their contracts, change orders, credentials, lien waivers, submittals, and punch items. Users can also share day-to-day performance updates in real time and check in and check out at project sites based on their location. The app helps streamline the billing and payment process and is available to be activated to RedTeam’s cloud-based construction project management software. Subcontractors can download and use the app for free or upgrade to a paid subscription to maintain protected access to the documentation they are collaborating on and access administrative controls.

Contact: 866-432-2021,, eProduct 188

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