Company: Daikin Applied, a member of Daikin Industries Ltd.

Product: Rebel Applied™

Description: This system features a high-efficiency motor and compressor and meets ASHRAE Standard 111 Class 6 air-leakage rating at +/-6 inches or 0.5 percent at design airflow. Used in new construction and retrofit applications, the product is small, light, and customizable. The unit exceeds U.S. Department of Energy requirements in place through 2023 and has an energy efficiency ratio (EER) over 11.0 and integrated EER (IEER) up to 17.0. It has a base channel that adapts to several different types of curbs that connect rooftop units to ductwork and electrical systems. There is no need for a transition curb. When equipped with Daikin Intelligent Equipment® remote monitoring, building managers can adjust ventilation, pressurization, and space temperature and humidity, among hundreds of other variables — from any connected device, in real time.

Contact: 800-432-1342,, eProduct 185