Company: JW Winco Inc., A Ganter Co.

Product: GN 124.1 Stainless Steel Magnetic Quick Release Pins

Description: Used for quickly connecting various parts and workpieces that are made of materials like iron and steel, a neodymium magnet is recessed into the underside of the bolt and axially retains the bolt in its inserted position. High-quality surfaces with perpendicular locating holes promote magnetic flux to produce axial retention. The materials of the locking pin are selected in such a way that the magnetic flow is not hampered and the holding strength can be completely utilized. Instead of a tactile latching action, the magnetic pin orients its correct position as soon as the magnet contacts the hole edge. It also has holes around the knob edge. Available with customized specifications for diameter and lengths, these pins also allow for attaching retaining cables or ball chains that protect the pins from getting lost.

Contact: 800-877-8351;; eProduct 184


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