RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — RGF Environmental Group Inc. was recently featured in the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) “Keeping Our Promise” campaign, which highlights how manufacturers are using tax reform to reinvest in their workers and businesses. 

NAM noted RGF’s rapid growth, and in particular, its use of tax reform savings to reward employees, expand its facilities, and make capital investments. This follows President Donald Trump’s invitation to the White House and Gov. Rick Scott’s visit to the 33-year-old company earlier this year.

“RGF Environmental Group is delivering for its people and its community following tax reform, just as manufacturers promised we would,” said Chris Netram, NAM vice president of tax and domestic economic policy. “Across America, manufacturers are keeping our promise, investing in employees, and expanding operations. By raising wages, providing training, and growing the company, RGF is improving lives and livelihoods. At the NAM, we’re proud to feature RGF’s leadership as part of our Keeping Our Promise campaign, a story that has gotten the attention of President Trump and Governor Scott.”

“Last year, RGF awarded record wage increases of 7– 8 percent to every hourly employee in our facility, something we were very proud to do,’’ said Walter Ellis, executive vice president and general manager.

RGF also surprised employees with two separate bonuses over the past months. This included a 2017 Christmas bonus of approximately five times the usual amount and another $1,000 bonus to each employee early in 2018.

RGF President and CEO Ron Fink has pledged a third bonus of $1,000 to all 164 employees if the administration approves President Trump’s proposed additional tax cut in the months ahead. Additionally, RGF is investing in specialized training for its employees, so they can enhance their skills and broaden their career options. 

To meet growing demand for its products, RGF has added 3,000 square feet of elevated office space in its production area and will invest over $1 million on new technology to streamline manufacturing, expand its product lines, and create new jobs. These investments will allow RGF to now employ two full shifts of workers. That means hiring more employees and dramatically increasing productivity to meet growing demand in the U.S. and abroad for environmental products. Through RGF’s sales office in China, the company already ships hundreds of thousands of its U.S. made air purifiers every year. A figure that is expected to grow along with global demand for air quality products.    

“This is just the beginning of our expansion,” Ellis said. “With 12 new products in the final stages of testing, we are already continuing to make additional investments to accelerate the development of high-performing, state-of-the-art environmental products our customers deserve.”

Publication date: 8/23/2018