Recently, I wrote about the four principles that Jack Taylor and his son, Andy, put in place in order to grow Enterprise Holdings into the largest car rental company in the world. Coincidently, shortly thereafter, I received an email newsletter from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of St. Louis that explained in detail how a company, specifically an HVAC company, should go about implementing those principles within the business.

The email included eight core values that separate great companies from good companies, and they are all built around trust. And remember … it might take a long time to develop that trust, but it can take less than a minute to completely destroy it.

So, let’s have a look at what the BBB had to say.



Studies show that trust is at an all-time low. The good news for us in business is that we are ahead of both the government and the media. Don’t worry about flashy products or discounts; that’s not how you’re going to stand out from the competition. Instead, show the customer you care about them and that they can trust you.



Always ensure that any information you put out about your products or services is accurate and truthful. Avoid misleading statements, where you say something that means one thing to the consumer, but you know you mean something different. (Example: Get a free furnace!)


3. Tell the Truth

This starts from management and trickles all the way down. Train your people to always tell the truth to the customer. If there is a problem, admit it; explain it and tell them what you will do to resolve it. Don’t lie and tell them there is no problem.



This ties in with No. 3. Make it clear that your business and your employees have nothing to hide and that you are there to satisfy your customers. There are no tricks or hidden agendas: We know HVAC, and we want to show you how we can help you be more comfortable.



This means responding to calls, replying to customers’ questions via social media, or responding immediately to a complaint or negative review. It amazes me that in today’s world of instant communications, there are still people and companies that take days or weeks to respond to an issue. The consumer today will not accept that. You must respond now!



When you respond, if you make a commitment, that is a promise to perform, and you must honor that promise. The old adage “under-promise, over-deliver” is still true. If you are told the part will arrive on Monday, don’t promise you will install it Monday. Tell the customer Tuesday, and if the part arrives early enough, surprise the customer by calling them Monday.



The average consumer today is very concerned about the security of their private information. Have systems in place that will make the customer aware that you are concerned about their security and have taken steps to protect them.



By making the seven standards for trust outlined above an integral part of your business culture, you will go a long way toward building integrity for your company. Show your customers that your organization embodies integrity by approaching every situation with honesty and respect.



Implement these eight standards in your business and share them with your team as a constant reminder of what your company stands for.

Don’t just settle for being “good.” Seek to be “great” by being the best that you can absolutely be.

Publication date: 8/13/2018

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