It is that time of the year — half-empty gyms, fuller waistlines, and credit card bills remarkably similar to last year’s spending.

Setting the goal was a great first step; however, it means nothing without a habitual process. If we want to be more successful in 2018, it’s imperative to have a clear list of highly specific actions to take for achievement of our goals. Make the list animated by having a small trigger that thereby energizes you to embark upon the first rung and naturally leads you to the next one and so on. Check off the steps involved to reach your ultimate goal. If you want to become more successful, repeat the process day in and day out. Before you know it, in 30 days, you’ve developed a new positive habit.

The great thing about a process like this is that you can use it to watch the progress toward your goal. As you become more successful, the details of the steps along the way will change, but the basic structure must remain the same. The challenge for many of us is that the process of achieving goals is not super exciting. Setting the goal, such as making eight calls before 8 a.m. or five calls after 5 p.m. sounds idealistic for increased income, but it is not always practical. Because of this, we must conjure images of what success would look and feel like for each of us. The daily process habits I have described do not have the same emotional hook because human nature tends to discount them. Like many things in life, our intuition can be misleading.

My advice for distributors in 2018 is to shift your approach to a focus on replicable and consistent habitual process. Make sure you have a small reward for your actional behavior.

Do not be a stranger. Let me know how these routines play out. Happy selling and press on!