DAYTON, Ohio — Winsupply Inc., one of the nation’s largest wholesalers, named Santa Fe Springs Winwater (California) its 2017 Company of the Year for the second consecutive year and the third time in the last four years. Santa Fe Springs Winwater was among 20-plus companies and individuals recognized at Winsupply’s bi-annual Strategic Planning Meetings and Vendor Showcase in Nashville.

A highlight of the evening was the honoring of long-time company owner and area leader Kent Best with the Winsupply Lifetime Achievement Award.

The top companies and presidents in their respective industry plus individual award winners were:

• Plumbing Company of the Year: Central Oklahoma Winnelson (Keith Jones);

• HVAC Company of the Year: Portland Winair (Keith Kruysman);

• Industrial Company of the Year: Baltimore Windustrial (Vince Brown);

• Electrical Company of the Year: Odessa Winlectric (Carl Long);

• Waterworks Company of the Year: Kansas City Winwater (Scott Wilson);

• Fire Fabrication Company of the Year: Newburgh Windustrial (Dean Lucas);

• Specialty Company of the Year: Midland Winpump (Erick Gladish);

• Irrigation Company of the Year: Santa Rosa Wyatt (Scott Leytem);

• Showroom Awards: Aurora Winnelson, Lexington Winnelson, Myrtle Beach Winnelson, Lawrenceburg Winsupply, Winsupply of Essex, Winsupply of Owensboro, Winsupply of Indianapolis, Winsupply of Savannah, and Security Plumbing & Heating Supply of Albany;

• Sourcing Services Company of the Year: Denver Winair (Tom Weinrich);

• National Sales Company of the Year: Denver Winair (Tom Weinrich);

• Acquisition Company of the Year: Carr Supply Inc. (Greg Essig);

• Rookie of the Year: Albuquerque Windustrial (Dale Reinhard); and

• Best Turnaround: K&J Winsupply (Mike O’Neill).

“These are great people who led their companies to outstanding performances in 2017,” said Monte Salsman, COO at Winsupply Inc. “They truly differentiate themselves from their competitors. They provide an owner-to-owner relationship that no one else in our industry can match. This entrepreneurial spirit is made possible through our shared equity business model.”

In the Winsupply co-ownership business model, Winsupply Inc. has majority equity in each of its locations, while the local company presidents and sometimes employees own substantial equity. With this model, local companies have the autonomy and flexibility to decide how best to meet the needs of the customers in their markets. Co-ownership gives them “skin in the game,” pride of ownership, a sense of achievement, and the ability to share in the company’s performance financially.

All of the “Win” branded locations are part of Winsupply: Winsupply, Winnelson, Winair, Windustrial, Winwater, Winlectric, and Winpump. Carr Supply is a Winsupply subsidiary.

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Publication date: 03/28/18