BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Motion Industries Inc., a distributor of maintenance, repair, and operation replacement parts and a wholly owned subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company, announced its Motion Canada TechCan Services in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, was recently authorized as an SKF Certified Rebuilder – Gearboxes as well as an SKF Certified Rebuilder – Conveyor Pulleys.

SKF associates audited TechCan Services and presented certification signifying that TechCan had met all the necessary criteria with the emphasis on teardown and inspection procedures, machine tools and repair procedures, storage, documentation, and other exacting standards and technical specifications. Before the final audit, SKF held training for the shop and helped develop action items in order to assist TechCan in reaching certification levels and becoming a best-in-class service provider.

“Customers are asking us to increase uptime and to provide solutions that lower total cost of ownership,” said Shawn Gibson, president, SKF Canada. “We recognize customers want their equipment to operate trouble-free. SKF’s Certified Rebuilder Program provides the right processes, training, tools and components to achieve cost-effective rebuilds. I am very impressed by TechCan Services’ commitment and their diligent work and professionalism in obtaining their certifications. We will support TechCan Services with application engineering and gearbox remanufacturing from our Industrial service centre in Cambridge, Ontario.”

SKF’s Certified Rebuilder programs are designed to keep authorized service centers up to date with the latest technologies and best practices. SKF Certified Rebuilders must complete regular audits to help ensure compliance with SKF’s rigorous standards and meet their requirements for continuous improvement and competence development.

“Being a qualified, certified SKF partner allows us to communicate to our customers that we hold ourselves to those same, very high standards,” said Mark Tinis, branch manager, TechCan. “It’s very important to our customers that they can send their components in to a service center and not have to worry about it. They can have 100 percent confidence the rebuilds will be completed right the first time and every time.”

Brent Pope, vice president and general manager of Motion Industries Canada, said, “I would like to thank TechCan manager Mark Tinis for his leadership in achieving these certifications, and we are very proud of the fact that Motion Industries is the first SKF customer to achieve both certifications for one facility. They will provide Motion Industries Canada an advantage in the marketplace.”

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Publication date: 12/03/17