DDI System, which specializes in market-specific distribution ERP technology, has acquired General Data Systems (GDS) of St. Louis.

GDS is a solution provider in the small- to medium-sized wholesale distributor software space. Founded in 1981, GDS has been meeting the challenges of distributors in a cross section of wholesale industry verticals. GDS President Allen Whiting believes the merger with DDI System will continue the guiding principles of exceptional customer service and strengthen the next-generation ERP technology path.

“As the distribution marketplace meets the challenges of online competition, GDS welcomes this new partnership with DDI System and its Inform ERP software," Whiting said. "Inform ERP is a robust system that handles the specific workflow of wholesale distribution while providing a holistic approach to CRM, mobility and eCommerce,” Whiting said.

DDI System will extend its wholesale distribution technology expertise, and a well-versed team of trainers, transition experts and developers, to the GDS customer base. DDI President and founder Adam Waller, who grew up in the distribution supply business, sees the coming together of the two companies as an exciting growth opportunity for its clients.

“At DDI, we focus on distributor success leveraging industry-specific functionality combined with technology to foster customer engagement in a shifting digital market,” Waller said.

“DDI and GDS share a deep commitment to operational excellence for the independent added Barbara Jagoe, COO, DDI. "This merger will add even more experienced professionals to the DDI team and a well-established path forward for GDS’ loyal users. DDI’s history of proven data migration and implementation is what drives success early on when adopting a new ERP system. Our dedication to our clients and their distribution challenges is the reason DDI continues to be a partner of choice for more than 850 distribution companies throughout North America.”

For more information, visit DDISystem.com.