SANDY HOOK, Conn. — DDI System welcomed 250 attendees to Nashville, Tennessee for its sixth biennial user conference. DDI System, an ERP software provider for wholesale distributors, leveraged the insights of well-known industry thought leaders, Steve Epner and Dirk Beveridge, to facilitate discussions on facing change in the disruptive marketplace.

The company’s Inform Connects event brought together Inform ERP system users for two days of intensive training on system capabilities, new features, and thought-provoking strategies facing the modern distributor. Beveridge brought energy to the crowd as he discussed innovation and building a new, relevant customer experience — something DDI System leverages as part of their mantra every single day.

“What customers crave — and what few companies provide — are well-designed experiences and complete solutions to their problems,” said Beveridge.

“In this changing economy, software providers are continually challenged to increase automation and improve the user experience. At DDI System, we bring together your customer’s information to provide greater insight and touch points that drive customer engagement and meaningful client conversations,” said Barbara Jagoe, COO, DDI System. “Readily available contact screens serve as powerful, analytic tools to improve customer relationships and increase sales. The ability to see a customer’s purchase patterns, history, and personal notes — like where they like to vacation or their hobbies—allows our distributors to engage and connect on a much more personal level better than any online shopping experience.” 

This customer-centric approach remains front and center as DDI proved during the development and launch of their new customer engagement workflow tools in Version 17 of Inform ERP, released earlier this year. “Starting a sales order from the customer contact screen gives our sales and counter staff the critical information they need to easily look at price history, substitute items, and see items that are frequently bought together,” said Dan Banks, director of sales, DDI System. “Sales staff are now customer service experts, adding great value to every sale.”

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Publication date: 6/9/2017