ATLANTADiversiTech® Corp. announced that it has purchased Rapid Positioning Clips Ltd. (RPC). The acquisition, completed on March 22, provides HVACR distributors and contractors with another useful product line they can use to grow their businesses and simplify their work.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to take on RPC’s product lines and make them immediately more  available to contractors and distributors by capitalizing on our global distribution and logistical expertise,” said DiversiTech CEO, Jim Prescott. “The acquisition of RPC is just another example of how we continue to grow our offering of high-quality products to better service the needs of our customers.”

The acquisition also solidifies the long-lasting customer relationship between RPC and Pump House, DiversiTech’s premier supplier of ancillary HVACR products to the European market. Pump House, a customer to RPC for several years, sells more than 1,500 products to national and independent distributors, wholesalers, and OEMs. DiversiTech acquired Pump House in 2016.

RPC currently offers three products, each available in multiple sizes: the Rapid Positioning Clip, the Studding Clip, and the InsulClip. These products are manufactured as a single-piece and do not require mechanical tools or aids for tightening.  These durable, easy-to-use products can be installed in a matter of seconds, saving contractors time and money. 

RPC’s signature product, its Rapid Positioning Clip, is made from a composite polyamide alloy, which maximizes strength while minimizing its weight. 

The Studding Clip, made of the same composite polyamide alloy, overcomes problems associated with using cable ties for piping, electrical, optical, and network cabling.  The product can be used to secure both pipe work and its insulation without any breaks. The solid connection can be adjusted up and down by simply rotating the clip, which uses the stud thread as if it were a nut.

InsulClip, RPC’s latest product introduction, provides an uninterrupted vapor barrier seal, which eliminates the problem of sweating on metal fittings. It is ideal for the installation of VRV systems, allowing the vapor barrier seal to run the length of the pipework without cutting off the insulation material.

Customers can continue to order product and conduct business with RPC as they currently do during the integration period, which is expected to be completed soon.

DiversiTech’s acquisition of RPC is the company’s seventh acquisition in the past 18 months.  It continues the company’s aggressive strategy to bring its customers world-class products and service and to make each of its customers more profitable.  DiversiTech currently offers more than 17,000 product items in over 200 product categories.

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Publication date: 3/31/2017